• About Plaza

    Located in an enviable prime site in Zhongyang Street, a pedestrian, commercial and tourist center in Harbin, Euro Plaza is the place to go for an extraordinary shopping, leisure, dining, and entertainment experience. As a leading business destination in Harbin, the seven-floor plaza was built in 2006. The marketing concept of each floor differs from the others. Renowned brands from all over the world are brought under one roof, including many that are making an appearance in Harbin for the very first time, such as ZARA, Haagen-Dazs, Sephora, and Starbucks. From fashion, dining and cinema to market, family resorts and language training, Euro Plaza has something to meet the young’s every whim, be it the trendiest novelty or the finer things in life. Moreover, a collection of decent retail and sports brand, also provides an outstanding shopping experience to customers, which features an automatic vertical parking lot in the downtown area.

    Euro Plaza as an iconic landmark in Zhongyang Street, presents to you a sophisticated shopping experience, and offers you an exceptional place to have a beautiful date. Euro Plaza strives for a new approach to shopping and setting a new definition for entertainment.

    Address£ºNo.69, Zhongyang Central Street, Daoli District in Harbin.       Postcode£º150010       Hotline£º0086-451-88818888
    Opening hour£ºWinter 9:30am-20:30pm       Summer 9:30am-21:00pm